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This page contains information on how to find databases.

Finding databases for a discipline/subject

Databases are search engines that allow you to search across collections of journals 而且 articles. Some databases, like 斯高帕斯 而且 ProQuest Central, are multidisciplinary 而且 include articles from a variety of academic disciplines. Others, like PubMed, are 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的 specialized 而且 focus on a single discipline.

To find databases for a discipline or subject, visit our subject guides.

subject guides maintained by 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8's librarians are an excellent way to discover the top databases to use in a given area of study.

Tip: Each subject guide also has the contact information for the liaison librarian specialized in that subject area, so if you have any questions you can contact the librarian directly for help.


  Need help finding databases? 问白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8!

Finding a specific database

To find a specific database, search WorldCat

You can also use the Databases A-Z listing to search for a known database or browse for it by title.



Using WorldCat to find a specific database

To find a specific database, first use WorldCat Discovery to search for the database by title.

WorldCat Discovery will display your search results, along with several options to filter or sort them.

格式, select 网站 to see only databases in the results list.


  Need help finding databases? 问白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8!

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