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借款,回报,课程准备金 & 罚款

馆际的贷款(生病) & 文档交付

我可以参观白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8图书馆的分馆吗? 我能用打印机吗?

是的. 参观 小时的网页 浏览有关办公时间及服务时间的详细资料. 你可以 扫描、打印和复制 几乎在所有地方.


What are the health and safety guidelines for entering and working in Library spaces?

从5月24日起,999白菜大厅不再强制佩戴口罩. We still strongly encourage you to continue to wear a mask after May 24. Mask dispensers and hand sanitizers will remain in place at library entrances. 阅读白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8 在这里.



Reusable water bottles or other sealed drink containers are permitted in Library spaces. 设有饮水机. 图书馆内不准进食. 请访问 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的食物 & 餐饮服务 or 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8Flex空间 了解白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8关于校园就餐地点的信息.



小组自习室可以 在线预订. 从5月24日起,999白菜大厅不再强制佩戴口罩. We still strongly encourage you to continue to wear a mask after May 24. Mask dispensers and hand sanitizers will remain in place at library entrances.



Cybertheque (Redpath图书馆建筑, ground floor) and the main floors of the Redpath and McLennan图书馆建筑s serve as designated Conversation/ Zoom Zones. Students can attend/participate in online activities on these floors. 先到先得. 在缩放区域需要耳塞/耳机. Please note that students who attend classes virtually but do not need to speak can do so from any library work area.

在校园里寻找其他灵活的空间? 访问专用的 网页.



可预订的储物柜和单间 可在选定的图书馆分支中使用. Some previously bookable carrels in McLennan-Redpath have been converted to general seating.


Is t在这里 a way to track how full Library spaces are before I visit?

是的, you can check how busy McLennan-Redpath is in real-time before heading to campus with the Waitz 空间使用服务. 参观 图书馆的Waitz可视化页面 或者免费下载 Waitz移动应用 (available for both Android and iOS devices) to know before you go!



是的, the general public can visit all Library 分支es during 开放时间


如果我不是999白菜大厅的学生, 教员或工作人员, can I consult rare and special materials in the ROAAr Reading Room?

是的, 非999白菜大厅学生的访客, faculty or 工作人员 can consult rare and special material in the ROAAr Reading Room by following the 过程 这里列出.


我需要图书管理员的帮助. 我该怎么做?

We are 在这里 to answer your questions and help you find what you are looking for. 和图书管理员聊天、发邮件或发短信. 你也可以预约一个虚拟约会 与以前研究专家 谁会帮你找到你要找的东西. 提供现场参考服务. 请查阅 小时页面白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8信息.


I am a faculty member and need help linking to ebooks, ejournals and other library resources. 我可以到哪里寻求帮助?

访问白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的 教学服务页面 for step-by-step-instructions on how to create persistent links in WorldCat发现. 你的 学科馆员 can also assist in this 过程 and help you locate materials to support your teaching.


书库打开了吗? 我可以借一本书吗?



我有一本书在结案期间到期了. 我该怎么处理这本书? 我会被罚款吗?

All library 分支es are open and you may return your book to any 分支. No 罚款 were accrued during the library closure (March 2020–September 2021). An unlimited automatic thirty-day renewal policy was implemented in January 2021, and your materials will be renewed automatically as long the account is in good standing and no one else has requested the material.


我有未付的图书馆罚款. Will I be blocked from graduating or from registering for future courses?

图书馆将于2020-21年关闭, students were not blocked from graduating or from registering for courses due to outstanding library 罚款. Starting in September 2021, outstanding 罚款 can be reconciled in person at most library 分支es. 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的图书馆 users can pay their full 罚款 balance online via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) through their library account. 访问专用的 网页 获取白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8信息和费用支付说明. Some users may see “lost item” fees on their account; however, 这些罚款将在退货时清除. For questions about library 罚款 or any issues related to your library account, check with your 分支.



是的, books may be returned in the bins located at each 分支 library. Loans will be discharged by library 工作人员 at our earliest opportunity. Please note, you may continue to receive automated notices from the circulation system. For questions about returning books, or any issues related to your library account, check with your 分支.


我需要访问电子书和电子期刊文章. 我该怎么做呢?

是的,你可以在校外全天候访问在线资源. 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8 students have access to millions of electronic resources. 图书馆差不多有3个.5 million books available online; 232,000 e-journals; 111,000 e-videos; 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的 than 1,000 在线数据库; over 101,000 e-music recordings, and 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的. Students can access electronic items in the Library’s online 目录. To learn 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的 about accessing online resources, visit the dedicated 网页.


我是999白菜大厅的学生. 我可以访问印刷课程资源吗?

Some physical course reserves were accessible in the fall of 2021. As of January 2021, the 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的图书馆 is single point of access for course-related materials. This allows the Library to provide students with access to course material through the Library’s collection or by licensing the work for use by classes at no additional cost to the student. 作为这个转变的一部分, the Library is combining the course packs service with our electronic course reserves program, 用新的名字 课程阅读资料服务. This sustainable approach will offer the greatest flexibility for 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8 students, 无论他们在哪里度过冬季学期. Students may print the electronic readings if they prefer to work from paper.


I would like to submit a request for materials from another institution via 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8 interlibrary loans. 服务可用吗?

是的. 请提交您的ILL请求使用 科伦坡.


I would like to request a scanned copy of a journal article from the print 集合 of the 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8的图书馆. 有这项服务吗??

是的. 请提交您的文章/章节扫描请求如下 这些指令. Please note that this service is open to current 白菜大全论坛冠军cpa8 students, faculty and 工作人员 only.